Community Resources for Parents

Our students, families, and teachers are the heart and soul of KIPP, and our top priority is their health and safety. Our KIPP Support Team will provide the most current information about applications and enrollment, COVID resources, and general support for our parent community. 

KIPP Northern California will continue to monitor state and county case rates and comply with all federal, state and local health & safety guidelines as it relates to the safety and security of our team, families and community. We strongly encourage all staff and family members to get the COVID-19 vaccination. Click here for information about the vaccine.

Visit our COVID Prevention Plan for more information.

KIPP Support Line

KIPP Public Schools Northern California works with community partners to support our families in accessing resources. If you are having difficulty in accessing services or need guidance, please call your regional team member between the hours of 8:00am – 5:00pm. You will be contacted within 24hrs.

Our team will provide the most current information about local food distribution centers, local health centers, child care, legal services, and more. 


San Francisco
Cesar Escalante | 510.365.5357

  • KIPP Bayview Academy
  • KIPP SF Bay
  • KIPP Bayview Elementary

San Francisco Resources   

East Bay

Charlie Mintz | 510.914.7408

  • KIPP Bridge Rising and Upper
  • KIPP King
  • KIPP Summit

East Bay Resources
Spanish | Chinese | Arabic

Kennetha Stevens | 209.403.978

  • KIPP Stockton Middle School

Stockton Resources

San Jose 
Lorena Solorio | 510.920.1194 

  • KIPP Navigate
  • KIPP Prize
  • KIPP Heartwood
  • KIPP Heritage

San Jose Resources
Spanish | Chinese | Vietnamese

Lorena Solorio | 510.920.1194 

  • KIPP Excelencia
  • KIPP Valiant
  • KIPP Esperanza

Peninsula Resources