COVID-19 Vaccine Information

The CDC has determined that COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. COVID-19 vaccines were evaluated in tens of thousands of participants in clinical trials, and millions of people in the United States have already received COVID-19 vaccines under the most intense safety monitoring in U.S. history. The vaccines met FDA’s rigorous scientific standards for safety, effectiveness, and manufacturing quality. 

Both the CDC and the California Department of Public Health strongly recommend that all people eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccines receive them at the first opportunity. You can learn more about COVID-19 vaccines here.

KIPP Northern California strongly encourages all staff and family members to get the COVID-19 vaccination once available. 

How does the vaccine work?

A vaccine is intended to give you protection against an infectious disease. Instead of contracting the disease from the community  and potentially getting sick, a vaccine works with your body’s natural defense systems to safely develop immunity to the disease, so when you do encounter the virus that causes the disease, you will already have immunity to that virus.

The Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines currently approved by the FDA consist of two doses delivered by injection. They do not contain a live virus and cannot give you COVID-19.

Who is eligible to receive the vaccine?

California is currently in Phase 1B, which includes agriculture and food services workers, educators, child care workers, emergency workers, and anyone 65 or older. Each county is adding new groups as vaccines become available. To find out if you are eligible through your county of work or residence, visit, contact your doctor, or sign up for notifications through your county. 

All KIPP Northern California teachers are currently eligible for the COVID vaccine and many KIPP employees have begun to both schedule appointments and receive the vaccine.  

Will students be required to get the vaccine?

None of the currently available vaccines are approved for children under 16 yet. One of the vaccines (Pfizer) is authorized for 16 and 17 year olds.  Clinical trials in process now for vaccines for children as young as 12. 

At this time, the majority of KIPP Northern California students are not eligible to receive the vaccine, and KIPP Northern California is currently not requiring students to receive the vaccine to participate in on-campus learning. We have not yet determined the extent to which it will be required in the future, and it will largely depend on state law.


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