KIPP Northern California reopened the 2020-21 school year  with a distance learning plan that supports all students.

We welcome our staff and students back to school virtually until we can safely transition instruction to a hybrid model. Visit our online learning tools page for instructional videos on Zoom and Google Classrooms.

Our students, families, and teachers are the heart and soul of KIPP, and we are committed to providing effective distance learning during campus closures. Together, we will all continue to learn. Visit our COVID-19 Information page for additional resources and support. 


Provide access to learning via support for resources, staff, and educational tools


Support the well being of our students and teachers through support and communication.


Provide online lessons, assignments, and student check-ins to support progress.

Online Learning Tools

Our approach to distance learning brings together online Math and English/Language Arts programs, independent reading, wellness and progress check-ins with teachers, and Google Classroom lessons and activities. Each of our schools have distributed Chromebooks, online resource recommendations, and learning plans to all of our families. Structures for check-ins with students and establishing distance learning advisors have also been set up to support students.

Online Learning Support

Distance learning goals through the end of the year:
  • Students demonstrate mastery on the adjusted set of standards we have targeted for each grade.
  • Teachers skillfully execute plans tailored for targeted, intentional, and meaningful learning.
  • Teachers are provided guidance and support with online resources, focused standards, and assessments.
  • Our KIPP community knows we support them through any challenges they are facing, offering guidance and understanding.
  • Teachers, students, and leaders feel connected to one another.
Teachers are provided guidance and support on grading, online resources, focused standards, and assessments. 
All schools’ distance learning plans include:


Focus on nurturing students’ sense of safety and belonging. Connecting virtually to maintain our close school culture among all our students and families.


Students are given 2 to 3 hours of instruction and work time daily. Daily lessons include instruction and tasks.


Teachers provide each student with feedback and any additional instruction needed. 


Virtual meetings between teachers, students & families. Meetings differentiate based on student need. 



Learning plans and support for ELL and students with IEPs



Additional personalized learning resources that students can access to further their own learning, outside of the teacher lessons.



See KIPP Distance Learning in Action!

Volcano Experiment, KIPP Excelencia Grade 4, Sharon O.


KIPP STEM’s national weekly student competition.


Distance Learning” by Mr. Kim, KIPP Heritage teacher.