Frequently Asked Questions : COVID

Why is in-person instruction important?

We believe that your student receives a more joyful and academically rigorous school experience by being on campus. Being in person is the best way to ensure access to live instruction, engagement with KIPP teachers, and important interaction with peers.

How did we decide to re-open with in-person?

Safety is always of the utmost importance and continues to be a primary factor in the decision to return to campus. By the end of last school year, nearly 2,000 KIPP students and 500 staff members returned to teach and learn on campus, and there were zero cases of on-campus COVID transmission. We are building on this success and prepared for the school year by continuing to implement strict health and safety protocols.

How will we impacted by a change in COVID-19 state and county case rates?

Health & safety guidelines may continue to change even after the school year begins. We will continue to monitor rates and stay informed of state/county updated requirements and determine how they apply to K-12 schools’ protocols. KIPP Northern California will always comply with all federal, state and local health & safety guidelines.

Why isn’t KIPP offering distance learning?

In alignment with the state of California, KIPP Northern California will not be offering online classes delivered by KIPP teachers as we did this past school year. This is to ensure our teachers, staff, and school administrators are able to focus on welcoming back all of our students back to campus safely.

If you and your family’s doctor believe that your student is unable to attend school in-person due to personal health conditions or if you have significant concerns about in person instruction and would like to be contacted to discuss Independent Study options, please contact your school directly.

Health & Safety
How is KIPP Northern California make decisions about health & safety policies for next school year?

Our students, families, and teachers are the heart and soul of KIPP, and our top priority is their health and safety. In adherence with California Department of Public Health recommendations, as well as local recommendations and policies, we have implemented COVID prevention strategies. 

What are KIPP Northern California’s health & safety initiatives?
  • Universal masking for both staff and students during the school day (unless someone is medically exempt)
  • Health and safety focus in daily operations, including;
    • increased ventilation of indoor spaces
    • strong hand-washing & sanitizing routines
    • at-home health screening
  • We will be providing on-site COVID testing for unvaccinated students and staff, and on-demand testing for anyone with COVID-related symptoms
Will we require students, ages 12 & up to be vaccinated?

At this time, California has not made the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for school-aged children and therefore it is not required by KIPP Northern California Public Schools. We will continue to monitor the state’s vaccination requirements for K-12 students and update our policies accordingly.

We strongly encourage all eligible KIPP Northern California team members, students, families, and caregivers to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. Staff must be fully vaccinated or participate in weekly COVID-19 testing

COVID-19 vaccines are FREE of charge for everyone, regardless of immigration status or healthcare coverage. Click here to learn more about COVID-19 vaccines

What health & safety upgrades have been made to all school facilities?
  • Hand-washing stations, hand sanitizing stations at the entrance area for all schools.
  • Plexiglass partitions installed in front office area
  • Janitorial vendors routinely clean high-touch surfaces according to CDC standards for preventing the spread of COVID-19.
  • Each classroom will be equipped with hand sanitizing stations and a ‘Cleaning Supply’ kit with disinfectant, disposable towels, tissues, additional face coverings.
Have all KIPP NorCal Schools upgraded their ventilation systems?

We have invested heavily to modify and upgrade our ventilation, HVAC and filtration systems across all schools filters will be changed regularly

Community Resources

KIPP Public Schools Northern California works with community partners to support our families in accessing resources. If you are having difficulty in accessing services or need guidance, visit our Community Resource page to connect with our KIPP Support Team. 

Community Resources