2021 Reopening Plan 

We are proud of the distance learning program that our schools have been implementing since March 2020, and of all of the ways our team has come together to cultivate joyful, academically excellent schools during this challenging time. Throughout the pandemic, we have promised to be guided by data and best practices, grounded in health and safety, and responsive to the needs and perspectives of our school communities.

In recent weeks, COVID transmission in our counties has steeply declined, vaccine eligibility for education workers has been announced, many local districts are ramping up their plans to reopen campuses, and the CDC has published new guidelines for reopening schools, emphasizing the importance of reopening as safely and as soon as possible.

Though we look forward to the day we can welcome back all of our students to campus, we are anchoring in a slow and steady phased approach to reopening our schools.

Reopening Priorities

Healthy & Safe – We are following all public health guidance and taking steps to ensure our campuses are as safe as possible.


Anti-Racist – We will disrupt the presence and impact of racial inequities within the organization, our practices, and in educational access and outcomes.


Joyful & Connected – We are committed to making sure our schools remain joyful places that celebrate our students’ identities and backgrounds and foster meaningful connections between students and staff.


Academically Excellent
– We will continue to accelerate learning, holding a high bar for all students with in-person and virtual support, because we believe in the potential of all of our students.


Responsive – We are creating a comprehensive plan for the upcoming school year, but will stay flexible and responsive to both students’ needs and public health guidance in our individual communities.

Phased Return

With each new phase we will welcome back more students and staff, as well as incorporate new elements into the model. Our reopening protocols exceed state guidance and other official recommendations, so we believe it will not only be safe to reopen in-person instruction at the TK-4 level, but that it will also be beneficial to students, and enable us to practice some of the operational routines and systems that will likely persist into next school year. 

Robust safety measures will continue through each phase including health screenings, masks, physical distancing, stable cohorts, and COVID testing. 

  • Phase 1 opens campuses to small groups of students, prioritizing those who are struggling the most in distance learning. Campuses in Redwood City and San José began to welcome back small groups of students in the fall.
  • Phase 2 will provide our TK-4 students in-person hybrid instruction, as space allows (assuming counties have returned to the Red Tier). Hybrid learning is a combination of on-campus and at-home teaching and learning. Families may stay in 100% distance learning if they choose.
  • Phase 3 will allow for the return of full grade levels for in-person instruction at the middle or high school level. We don’t yet have a target timeline for Phase 3.
Could the phased approach change?

This is our current plan. Our Safety Committee is continuously reviewing the newest updates and guidelines provided at the county, state, and federal levels. As further information becomes available, we will update KIPP reopening timelines as needed. These plans have been developed with a focus on flexibility, and our decisions regarding reopening will always be made in collaboration with our schools and driven by the latest science.

Health & Safety Protocols

KIPP Northern California’s COVID Prevention Plan layers proven strategies to greatly reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, and is overseen by our KIPP Northern California Safety Committee.

Our top priority throughout our phased return has been and will continue to be the health & safety of our staff, students, and families. We have anchored our reopening plan in the latest health data and the recommendations of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the California Department of Education (CDE), as well as lessons learned from other schools in the U.S. and abroad that have reopened. 

Read more about our COVID Prevention Plan

Support & Resources

Communications: ParentSquare (download via iOS | Android ) This app is used for school communication, via email, text and app notifications. We encourage parents to download the mobile app and update their account preferences for when and you get notified. Instructional videos on ParentSquare can be found in the Parent Resources tab on your school web pages. 

Health & Wellness Our students, families, and team members are continuing to experience traumatic and inequitable effects of the pandemic. We will prioritize socio-emotional support to our students and families through specific curriculum, peer circles and advisory meetings, and regular one-on-one check-ins between students and KIPP staff.

KIPP Support Line We will also continue the KIPP Family Support line that was launched in March 2020 to support families with non-academic needs. Feel free to connect with our team to learn about additional resources available to you.