KIPP Northern California COVID-19 Prevention Plan


Our students, families, and teachers are the heart and soul of KIPP, and our top priority is their health and safety.

In adherence with California Department of Public Health recommendations, as well as local recommendations and policies, we have developed this COVID-19 Prevention Plan to implement at our campuses once we can safely begin welcoming students back.


Keeping COVID-19 Off Campus  |  Health & Safety on Campus  |  Responding to COVID 
Keeping COVID-19 Off Campus

Routine Testing for Staff & Students: Through our partnership with a private testing lab, KIPP conducts on-site COVID-19 testing for all staff and students before returning to campus, and then ongoing on a weekly basis. The COVID-19 test is an oral swab that can be self-administered under supervision with results in 24-48 hours. This will continue as long as health data in our communities indicates the need to do so.

Health & Exposure Monitoring: Our schools use active campus access and screening protocols, including daily temperature checks. Everyone on campus participates in a health and exposure screening process prior to entry every day.

KIPP also implements a week-long quarantine (distance learning) period after extended holiday breaks. Program participants are required to pass COVID-19 testing and health & exposure screening prior to return to campus.

Visitor Restrictions: Campus access is restricted to students and staff who do not meet any of our exclusion criteria, with limited access to essential visitors with prior school approval. All approved visitors are subject to KIPP’s rigorous health and exposure screening prior to entry. 

Staff & Family Education: All staff participate in ongoing mandatory training, including training on the science of COVID-19 and KIPP’s health and safety protocols.

Our families are provided with an orientation and resources to help them learn new campus protocols and tips for staying healthy at home and at school.

Health & Safety on Campus

Cohorting:On-campus student populations on any given day will be kept at <25% for the small/specialized groups phase and <50% during hybrid learning to help enable physical distancing. Teachers and students will be primarily grouped in small fixed or semi-fixed cohorts to reduce exposure and help enable contact tracing.

Physical Distancing: Physical distancing to the greatest extent possible throughout the school day, other than brief interactions that require closer contact. Smaller student groups, the reconfiguring of classroom layouts, and updated campus and classroom routines will support physical distancing. Campus signage will help delineate room capacity, physical distancing requirements, and campus movement norms.

PPE:Schools will be provided with reusable face masks for all staff and students, and face shields for staff and students who need them. All staff and students are required to wear face coverings at all times, unless medically exempt or during a specified exception.

Hygiene & Enhanced Cleaning: Rigorous hygiene (including washing or sanitizing hands regularly) is reinforced throughout the day. Multiple hand washing/sanitizing stations are available around campus, including sanitizing stations in every classroom. Janitorial vendors routinely clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces according to CDC standards for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Responding to COVID

Quarantines & Closures: Positive tests are reported directly to KIPP and publichealth. In the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19, impacted individuals will isolate or quarantine for 7-10 days and meet a set of criteria before returning to campus. If ≥5% of on-campus staff and students test positive in a given week, we will consult with public health officials to determine whether to shift to distance learning for a period of time.

Contact Tracing: KIPP Northern California is staffed with a certified Pandemic Coordinator trained in emergency mitigation and response who works directly with local public health agencies. This enables schools and the region to execute rapid response tactics (exclusion, dismissal and isolation; contact tracing; target closures) to quickly address suspected or confirmed cases.

On-Demand Testing: KIPP will support on-demand testing in the event of known exposure or suspected case of COVID-19. Results will be available in 24-48 hours and individuals will be quarantined at home until results are known. Positive tests are reported directly to KIPP and public health.

Deep Cleaning: In the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19, KIPP will immediately close potentially contaminated campus spaces and deep clean and disinfect these spaces according to CDC standards for responding to COVID-19.

Download the the full version of KIPP’s comprehensive COVID-19 Prevention Plan.

Visit our COVID-19 Information page for additional resources and support.