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We support our students every step of the journey.

KIPP partners closely with families and teachers to educate thousands of students in Oakland & San Lorenzo. Our college-prep, public schools focus on classrooms that are inclusive where all students are supported, respected for their unique strengths, and encouraged to be excellent learners and leaders. 

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San Lorenzo   Oakland

Start at KIPP Bridge Rising (TK-4) where they develop the academic knowledge, skills, and character traits necessary for students to achieve success in the finest high schools and colleges, and to lead choice filled lives.

KIPP Bridge Rising (TK-4)
1700 Market Street

Continue the journey at one of our middle schools. Our mission is develop in our middle school students the academic knowledge, skills, and character traits necessary for students to achieve success in high school, colleges, and to lead lives full of opportunities.

KIPP Bridge Academy
1700 Market Street
Oakland, CA 94607

KIPP Summit Academy
 2005A Via Barrett
San Lorenzo, CA 94580

Enroll at KIPP King Collegiate – the #1 high school in San Lorenzo – whose mission is to prepare students to live inspired lives by developing within them extraordinary academic skills, a life-long passion for learning, and the resolve to change their own lives and the world around them through acts of excellence, justice, humanity, and courage.

KIPP King Collegiate
2005B Via Barrett
San Lorenzo, CA

100% of our high school graduates have completed their A-G requirements (making them UC and CSU eligible.)

KIPP Northern California alumni are over three times as likely to graduate from college as their peers
KIPP Bay Area

KIPP students are building confidence and social & emotional learning. I love that our students have authentic connections with each other, the staff, and they take that out to their families and communities.

Michelle Verrochi, School Leader at KIPP Navigate 

You’ve never met two little ones so excited to wake up to go to school! KIPP made that happen for my kids. As a parent that is so important!

Alina Arroyo, Parent, KIPP Valiant

I love seeing that KIPP is college preparatory, and I love seeing that there are people of color teaching people of color.

Jessica Allen, Parent, KIPP Bayview

Luke has come a long way with the wonderful support of his teachers at KIPP. With the inclusion provided by the STP program, Luke has become a lot more social and independent.

Trang Nguyen, KIPP San Jose Collegiate parent

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