KIPP in Stockton

Opening in University Park in 2021! Now accepting applications for 5th grade.

Our Mission

Together with families and communities, we create joyful, academically excellent schools that prepare students with the skills and confidence to pursue the paths they choose—college, career and beyond—so they can lead fulfilling lives and create a more just world.

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The first KIPP school in Stockton will open in University Park in the summer of 2021. The new school will open with a founding class of 5th grade students and will continue to grow each year offering tuition free, high-quality education helping students reach their goals – college, career, and beyond.

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Meet the Team

Ana Maria Aristizabal 
Director of Growth & Advocacy
KIPP Northern California

Ana Maria is a Latina, an immigrant, an educator, and a mother. She is dedicated to continue working alongside families, community leaders and the school district to design and help build the best schools for Stockton children.

Kimanh Truong-Muñoz
Founding Principal
KIPP Stockton

As a proud first generation college-graduate, Mrs.Munoz believes young people are the leaders we’ve been waiting for! She is committed to building a student-centered school grounded in equity, community, and radical & revolutionary love. 

Kennetha Stevens
Family Engagement Manager
KIPP Stockton

Kennetha is dedicated to support the Stockton community by implementing family & community engagement opportunities. She believes every family can be successful when provided with the right tools, supports and resources! 

Lara Knight Wheatley
Managing Director of Schools

Lara has over 18 years of experience as Teacher, Principal, Principal Manager, and Leadership Coach. In her five years leading at KIPP Houston High School, ACT results climbed from an average of 18 to 21 and the school received the US Department of Education’s National Blue Ribbon designation. She earned her Secondary Teaching Credential and a Masters in Education with a focus on Social Justice at UCLA. 

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KIPP in Stockton

Three years ago KIPP Bay Area Public Schools was invited to partner with Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs and various city and community leaders in the effort to revitalize Stockton. We are excited to join this vibrant community!

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Free & Public Education

All KIPP schools are free public schools open to students of all backgrounds, income, and ability. Starting in June 2020, KIPP will begin enrolling students who will enter fifth grade in the 2021-22 school year. If you would like to receive more information about enrollment, contact us or join our newsletter.

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Academic Excellence

KIPP fosters a culture of academic excellence and intellectual curiosity through individualized instruction that meets the learning needs of every student. A KIPP education helps students develop the academic skills and character strengths needed to succeed in college and life.

KIPP teachers receive specialized professional development and individualized coaching to grow professionally.

“What I appreciate about KIPP’s professional development opportunities is that they are really intentional and always aimed at making us better teachers and leaders so we can help our students grow.”

Ernestina Thompson, AP English teacher at KIPP King Collegiate

KIPP prepares students to identify their passion, purpose, and plan for how to thrive in college, shape the future, and positively impact the world. After high school, KIPP advisors help alumni navigate the academic, social, and financial challenges they might encounter while in college or pursuing a career.

Family & Community Partnerships

KIPP partners with families and local organizations in their communities to support healthy development for children. KIPP joins other educational and community-based groups in advocating for issues that matter to their families, such as immigration rights.

What Makes KIPP Different?

Our free public charter schools prepare students for success in college and opportunities in life. KIPP takes a student-centered approach to learning, using social-emotional teaching practices that affirm the identity, background, and experience of every student. We foster a culture of academic excellence and intellectual curiosity through individualized instruction that meets the learning needs of every student. 

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Our Results

We are committed to creating schools where all students can thrive, and we closely track student attrition to ensure we’re keeping our students with us and meeting our mission.

SBAC English Language Arts
56% KIPP
51% CA Average
39% Socioeconomically Disadvantaged

47% KIPP
40% CA Average
27% Socioeconomically Disadvantaged
Join Our Team

KIPP recruits and retains a diverse group of teachers with high expectations who believe in our mission and are committed to helping all students reach their full potential. Work through a lens of social justice and help develop in our students the knowledge, skills and character essential to thrive in college, shape their futures, and positively impact the world. Learn more about working at KIPP. 

Current Openings
Founding Teachers – Grade 5

We are hiring talented and committed educators to serve as teachers at KIPP Stockton for our founding middle school classrooms opening in 2021. Our teachers will aid in establishing curriculum and school culture as they develop a world-class education program from the stages of vision to execution.

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Director of School Operations

We are seeking an experienced Director of School Operations for KIPP Stockton to manage and lead strategic operational priorities, manage day-to-day school operations, drive efficiencies and systematization, and partner with our instructional leaders to ensure procedures at our school maximize time students spend learning.

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Founding Assistant Principal

We are seeking an Assistant Principal to support the School Leader in driving academic and social emotional learning outcomes for students as a key member of the school’s leadership team. Assistant Principals are expected to lead both instruction and school culture, while developing the skills of the school’s emerging leaders.

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“To be the change, you have to take risks. You have to be bold, because we’re talking about people’s futures and we’re talking about people’s lives.”

– Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs