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KIPP public, charter schools offer tuition free, high-quality education helping all students of all backgrounds to reach their goals – college, career, and beyond. Nuestro compromiso no termina en el 12º grado. Nuestros consejeros de KIPP Through College apoyan a los estudiantes durante su graduación y más allá. Stockton charter

We are grateful to the community organizations and leaders in Stockton who encouraged us to partner with them to bring tuition-free public charter schools open to all students. Learn more about our KIPP Stockton Community.

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Our goal is to develop in our middle school students the academic knowledge, skills, and character traits necessary for students to achieve success in high school, colleges, and to lead lives full of opportunities.

KIPP Stockton Middle School (grados 5 y 6)
742 Dallas Avenue
Stockton, CA 94206



KIPP University Park Middle School (6to grado)
820 N American Street
Stockton CA 95202



Stephanie Espinoza
Stephanie Espinoza, KIPP Stockton Parent
My daughter loves her school. She is thriving here and learning so much!
Porscha Johnson
Porscha Johnson, KIPP Stockton parent
We are so happy here. Everyone is so nice and supportive!
Pandora Crowder
Pandora Crowder, KIPP Stockton parent & Conway Homes Resident Council President
My son told me that he was not smart enough to go to school...then 4 weeks into school my son is happy and excited, he even stays after school to participate more! KIPP was the best possible decision I could have ever made.
Alexis Jones
Alexis Jones, KIPP Stockton parent
We really appreciate the strong academics and the focus on preparing students for college.
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We strive to cultivate an experienced and representative team of leaders and teachers that reflect our students’ diversity to prepare students with the skills and confidence to pursue the paths they choose—college, career, and beyond. Join our team at KIPP Stockton.Stockton charter

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