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In the KIPP Public Schools Northern California Teacher Residency program, we are passionate about developing lifelong education practitioners who are self reflective, equity minded and relentless in their work with students. Our teaching program combines theory and practice by pairing our residents with a high performing mentor teacher while simultaneously completing Master’s level coursework and attending curated resident seminars. At the conclusion of the teaching program residents will earn their Masters in Education (from Alder Graduate School of Education), their preliminary teaching credential and be eligible for job placement within a school.

KIPP Public Schools Northern California creates joyful, academically excellent schools that prepare students with the skills and confidence to pursue the paths they choose—college, career and beyond—so they can lead fulfilling lives and create a more just world. 

The application for Cohort 2024-2025 is now open!

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Why choose KIPP Northern California Teacher Residency?

Explicit Commitment to Developing Resident’s Racial Equity Lens
Every resident seminar has a racial equity session that connects to the broader scope of our work. From deconstructing white supremacy culture, to identifying the ways in which antiblackness manifests in the classroom, we challenge our residents to confront the ways in which social constructs, especially those within education, have an impact on students, families and communities.

Clear Performance Management Plan for Residents
We believe that clear is kind. We have developed a comprehensive performance management plan for residents that prepares residents for their teaching experience within KIPP Public Schools – Northern California and aligns to proven best practices for effective teaching. Teacher skills and development have been intentionally scaffolded throughout the year and adapted to meet the needs of our current virtual learning environment.

High Touch Support With Job Placement
We communicate early with principals and our Human Resources team to ensure that residents have what they need to receive an offer of employment in the spring*.

History of Commitment and Development
Our residency started in 2017 and over 70% of our alumni are still working with KIPP Public Schools – Northern California — many of them taking on leadership roles at their respective schools sites.

Best In Class Mentors
Our mentors are the foundation of our residents’ development. We coordinate with school leadership to ensure that residents are matched with strong mentor teachers for the year. Additionally, our mentor teachers participate in monthly professional development sessions geared towards enhancing their instructional coaching practices and sharpening their racial equity lens. 

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Important Deadlines 

Round 1

  • November 3rd, 2023 (Deadline passed)

Round 2

  • February 2nd, 2024

Round 3

  • March 22nd, 2024

San Francisco

KIPP San Francisco College Prep (9-12)
KIPP Bayview Academy (5-8)
KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy (5-8)
KIPP Bayview Elementary (TK-4)


KIPP Bridge Academy Upper (5-8)
KIPP Bridge Academy Lower (TK-4)

San José

KIPP Prize Preparatory Academy (5-8)
KIPP Heartwood Academy (5-8)
KIPP Heritage Academy (5-8)
KIPP San José Collegiate (9-12)
KIPP Navigate College Preparatory (9-12)

San Lorenzo

KIPP Summit Academy (5-8)
KIPP King Collegiate (9-12)

Redwood City

KIPP Excelencia Community Prep (TK-8)

East Palo Alto

KIPP Valiant Community Prep (TK-8)
KIPP Esperanza High School (9-12)


KIPP Stockton Middle School (4-8)
KIPP University Park Middle School (5-8)
KIPP University Park Elementary School (TK-4)
KIPP Stockton Elementary School (Opening Aug 2024)


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Financial Overview
    • Residents are awarded a $50,000 stipend to support with living expenses, plus a $5,000 program completion bonus
    • We recommend all Residents apply for the Golden State Teacher Grant to offset the cost of tuition
    • Tuition is approximately $22,000 annually

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