Wellness and Mental Health at KIPP


KIPP Northern California aims to provide high-quality, client-centered, and culturally responsive mental health services through a tiered support model designed to support students with varying levels of need. KIPP Northern California believes that all students should have access to quality mental health services and as such, all services are free to students and provided regardless of insurance in order to reduce barriers to mental health care, meet students where they are at, and challenge mental health stigma. 


The long term vision for school-based mental health services at KIPP Nor Cal includes providing education for teachers on creating healing-centered classroom culture, partnering with students and families to address community healing, learning about wellness and mental health topics for all members of the community, and the continued provision of strong clinical services individually and in groups that address topics including trauma, suicidality, identity, and resiliency from a culturally responsive and strengths-based approach.

KIPP Northern California recognizes the role of systemic racism, colonization, and racial trauma in both the mental health and education systems and strives to dismantle oppressive systems and create safe, inclusive, and student-centered learning environments for all students. Read more about equity & inclusion at KIPP.

Accessing Services

Mental Health Clinicians at each KIPP NorCal campus provide individual and family therapy for KIPP students of all ages. Referrals for school-based mental health services can be made by teachers, administrators or other school staff as well as by caregivers or students themselves. 

Please note: KIPP is not a crisis response service center. If you or your child needs immediate support (is an immediate threat to the safety of themselves or others) please call 988 to access the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline or 911. Additional Crisis Hotlines & Resources are linked below. 

To submit a referral for mental health services, please visit or contact your child’s school and ask to make a referral for mental health services. All administrative and front office staff as well as your child’s teacher will be able to assist you.


KIPP Northern California partners with several community-based organizations to offer additional mental health services and supports. Below are mental health resources listed by region. This includes school-based mental health services in youth therapy, substance abuse, domestic violence, crisis resources, hotlines, and more.

Alameda County  San Francisco County  Santa Clara County  San Mateo County  San Joaquin County

KIPP Student
"My counselor is good at helping me stay calm and my counselor is very kind."
KIPP Student
My counselor helped me acknowledge that I'm doing the best I can and I'm taking the correct steps to get to where I want. He was also good at providing me with resources I needed.
KIPP Student
I always know when we are going to check-in. She’s great at making me feel safer and I want to try harder. I have the motivation to go on and succeed.
KIPP Student
My counselor was good at supporting me through my high school career. Without her help, I would have ultimately failed Senior year.
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Meet the team

All 17 schools in KIPP’s Northern California region have a broad spectrum of mental health services provided by both Mental Health Clinicians and School Psychologists. Mental Health Clinicians and School Psychologists are supported by both the regional Culture and Special Education departments and work in collaboration with school leadership, staff, and regional support teams to implement comprehensive mental health support across schools.

Meet Our Team

Recommended Articles, Books, and Podcasts

KIPP Northern California aims to raise awareness towards mental health, anti-racism, and the LBGTQ+ community. Below are recommended readings to promote discussion on these topics. We highly encourage everyone to explore these topics.