Charter School Program Steps In to Fill Gaps in College Aid

annual report

Inside Higher Ed – January 8, 2019

KIPP charter schools have built a national reputation for sending disadvantaged students to college, but that success didn’t always translate into students actually graduating from college.

Money shortages and gaps in financial aid, even relatively small ones, often got in the way and forced students to either temporarily take time off from college or to drop out entirely. As a result, only 44 percent of the 81 percent of KIPP alumni who enrolled in college after high school had graduated from a four-year institution as of 2016, according to a KIPP survey of alumni.

KIPP officials announced last month that they would expand a micrograntprogram started in Washington to help KIPP alumni break through the financial barriers that keep them from staying in college and graduating. Click here to read the full article.

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