Family Preparedness: Download the Immigration Rights & Advocacy Toolkit

Immigration Rights Document / Spanish / Arabic / Vietnamese

January 2017 – At KIPP Bay Area Public Schools we are committed to providing a safe, supportive place for ALL our students. KIPP Bay Area Public Schools Board of Directors passed a resolution on December 15, 2016 declaring our schools as safe school zones. KIPP Bay Area Public Schools has resolved to publicly show our support for all of our students regardless of their status.

One of the steps laid out in the resolution is to provide information and resources to our students and families. In keeping with this promise, we have compiled information for families that may be affected by the proposed immigration policies. We encourage you to read this as a family and invite you to discuss this information with a KIPP Bay Area Public Schools team member.

KIPP Bay Area Public Schools cannot provide you with legal advice; we can point you in the direction of legal and advocacy resources that can provide these services.

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