KIPP Through College

KIPP Through College (KTC) is a part of the broader KIPP approach that aims to prepare students to identify their passion, purpose, and plan for how to thrive in college, shape the future, and positively impact the world. Our vision is for all students to have the access, skills and resources to navigate through college or take on the workforce. KIPP students matriculate and graduate from high school, ready to begin their higher education or pursue a career path


KIPP Through College Resource Hub

Visit our one-stop-shop for all necessary resources needed for our KIPP alumni to excel! Our vision is for all of our students to have the access, skills and resources necessary to navigate college and career.

KTC Resource Hub

COVID-19 Resources

Your KIPP Through College advising team has gathered these COVID-19 Resources for Alums to help navigate the challenges that may arise during the Covid-19 pandemic. We know everyone’s individual needs will vary, so please reach out to your KTC advisor for additional support as needed. 

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College Savings Plan

At KIPP, we know that understanding the cost of education and access to saving accounts are crucial to earning a college degree. Consider enrolling in a 529 savings account to make saving for college easy and affordable. 

For more information on 529 plans and KIPP’s College Savings Program, read our program overview (available in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, or Vietnamese),.

If you would like more information about KIPP Through College, please reach out to Director of KTC Evita Anaya at