Time Management Tips


  1. Read your syllabi for all of your classes carefully and make note of the important due dates, midterms, group projects, and finals. 
  2. Enter these dates on your calendar (phone calendar, google calendar, paper calendar, planner, etc); this should be the calendar that you see most often and can easily refer to. Also add important dates like holidays, registration dates, and personal events/appointment.
  3. Use a time management grid; print out this sheet and fill in how you spend your time between class, homework, work, exercise, activities, down time, etc. What patterns do you notice? How many hours are you spending on each type of activity? Do you need to make any changes in order to manage your time better?
  4. Pomodori Technique: break up your studying or projects into smaller chunks of time of productivity! This helps to keep you focused for shorter periods of time and allots time for breaks. 
  5. Plan ahead: how long will it take you to study or complete an assignment? Set aside time on your calendar to do it, and stick to it. Give yourself enough time to add more if needed. 
  6. Find the right environment to be productive; whether it’s your desk in your room, in the library, at the student union, at a different office on campus, or a coffee shop — go where you will be least distracted. 
  7. Find the right time to be productive; when do you feel the most alert and motivated to do work? For some people it’s first thing in the morning, for others it’s late at night, and for others it’s right after your work out. Identify this time and stick with it. 
  8. Get involved with student orgs outside of classes (if your schedule around classes and work time allows); it may sound counter-intuitive, but filling your schedule with other fun/social activities and programs can help you be more disciplined about your time management. 
  9. There’s an app for that! Try using an app that can help you plan your to-do items and balance your time.
  10. A few more tips from a UCB student.

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