Diversity Equity Inclusion

Our Mission

Together with families and communities, we create joyful, academically excellent schools that prepare students with the skills and confidence to pursue the paths they choose—college, career and beyond—so they can lead fulfilling lives and create a more just world.

Theory of Action

KIPP Public Schools Northern California will disrupt the presence and impact of racial inequities within the organization, our practices, and in educational access and outcomes. Our ultimate aim is for empowered alumni to live fulfilling lives. We will achieve this aim by operating joyful, academically excellent schools, and amplify our impact through smart growth and a commitment to operational excellence, together with engaged families and communities.  

Our Vision for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our mission and theory of action describe our belief in the transformative power of education to play a critical role in combating systemic racism and all forms of oppression. We know that we can’t succeed –and that any perceived successes will ring hollow — without an active and explicit commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. We will hold ourselves accountable to continuous learning and improvement as we work together to implement our vision with courage and humility.


We value diversity because we believe our students have greater access to high-quality learning environments when we intentionally include the perspectives of those that share identities with groups that have been and/or continue to be marginalized. To that end, our priority is for the majority of our staff and leadership to represent the visible and invisible identities, perspectives and experiences that are shared by our students and families.


As an educational institution, equity must be embedded into the core of who we are and what we do. We define equity as liberation from:

      • Predictability of outcomes based on identity
      • Actively pursuing anti-racism, and striving to eradicate other forms of discrimination and bias, in a conscious and deliberate effort to acknowledge and challenge the impact and perpetuation of institutional white racial power, presence and privilege and the resulting pervasiveness of a white supremacy culture.
      • Pursuing social justice through the redistribution of resources, opportunities, privileges, and the intentional cultivation of positive experiences for historically marginalized groups, so that everyone has what they need to thrive, be empowered and reach their potential.


We only achieve educational equity and put diversity into action when we are inclusive. We believe that inclusion is achieved by:

      • Building an open and affirming work and school environment that embodies a community at its best: a place where every person is known and valued, respected for their unique strengths, and empowered as leaders.
      • Holding ourselves accountable by actively engaging in conversations that challenge our ingrained assumptions around power, privilege and difference.